Formulaic need not mean predictable. Pamela Wight is an excellent writer and her second book – this time with Ashley Brandt – combines familiar thriller elements with some insightful work that gives depth to her main female character Sandra. Without the back story Sandra would appear too straight, vapid even, to sympathise with but the reader cheers her on to the end.

I liked the prologue which, without further ado, introduces the hero and the arch-villain. And they are identical twins, which of course adds to the intrigue later. Blake is rich, handsome and successful. Alex is a psychopath soon to be banged up in a high-security unit for life – unless he escapes that is!

Sure enough, Blake is tired of women chasing him for his money and status. He starts to fall for the shy, intelligent but withdrawn Sandra who works in the middle management of his organisation. But soon enough Alex appears on the scene intent on securing the family millions for himself, with violence and a slow death for his victims an added bonus.Twin Desires

Sandra, having witnessed her own mother’s violent death, experiences heightened terror levels as she finds herself at Alex’s mercy. Wight does a good job of portraying her total dread, but also the way her dead mother’s voice helps her to survive and win.

All ends well as of course it should, but it was a close shave.

And a very well-written sex scene I must say. It takes skill not to repeat a description that one has read a thousand times, and yet no one wants hard porn with their cocoa and biscuit. Nicely done.

One for the ladies but men will like it too.