Low key was an understatement as these two events, universally hated by meet organisers, were played out at Santry this evening. (The main body of events take place at Irishtown in a couple of weeks time).

It is increasingly obvious that too few young athletes in the Dublin region have an inkling about technical events – i.e. those that are not pure running. This is no fault of the youngsters themselves but of the lack of both coaches and facilities. Those clubs with these particular advantages can expect to produce successful athletes over a period of time. However we at Crusaders, who have enviable resources, are a very young club as far as junior athletics is concerned.

Nevertheless several athletes made it through to the All-Irelands – Ciara Barry (U13) and Alix Hughes (U14) both securing fourth place in the sprint hurdles. Grainne McGuill and Orla Murray gave it their best shot but the hero was Matthew Behan who crashed and fell at the first but he picked himself up and got going again to finish the race.

Over at the barely populated hammer circle Sarah Fleming (U18) was hampered by an ankle problem and did not throw well, but well enough to progress to Tullamore. Alix Hughes was surprised to be swinging an implement lighter than she had been training with but did well enough to finish just 10cm behind her only opponent, finishing her series by taking on and completing a nice turn. Liam, one of Phil Conway’s boys, was due up next and has no doubt progressed. However I was long since headed for The Yacht at Ringsend by that time.