No early mornings this week – it’s going to be full-on racing! I suppose I’m in sorta average shape right now – not great, but OK. And let’s face it, with the best will in the world I’m unlikely to ever be in ‘great’ shape.

So, Christmas morning it’s something called the GOAL mile, a charity event that takes place in a number of locations. Irishtown hosts one such. I reckon on a 7.30-ish as long as there’s not too many buggies and new bikes on the track as I blaze my way around.

Then off to Galway for a couple of days, and on 26th December it’s the Fields of Athenry 10k. They have nearly 1,000 entries as we speak so I’m looking forward to this one. Number pickup from Presentation College for an 11am start. Time prediction? Well, my last 10k earlier this year was a nice 50.30 at Dunshaughlin – I ran the second half of that really well. I don’t know if I’ll challenge that, let’s say 52-ish.

Finally, down to the Rebel County of Cork – my heart always lifts as I arrive in Cork. On the 28th there’s the Bandon 5. Assuming my legs are in reasonable condition I’ll toddle over for that, but I’ll be pleased enough with say a 43. By which time my Crusaders singlet will be a bit niffy.

Then in the New Year it’s back into training with Connemara the main goal race. After that…? We’ll see.