A pretty ordinary 10.12 miles at (strangely) 10.12m/m this morning. Couldn’t get into it at all really, though it was nice to reaquaint myself with the northside.

A pretty featureless couple of hours was enlivened by listening to an excellent Phedippidations 164. Steve did a very good adaption of A Christmas Carol (or was it A Muppet Christmas Carol)? Then some good running stuff. But then the piece de resistance, an attack on CNN. You gotta hand it to the guy, he doesn’t care who he takes on. This time it was in connection with some showbiz-type presenting of the Mumbai tragedy in which anchor and presenter were congratulating themselves on the superiority of their coverage. Great stuff. Now I must go back and find the episode where Steve does a critique of the running shoe industry, another perfectly legitimate and cynical target.

Unfortunately Steve then lost me by launching into prayer and the ‘instrument of peace’ thing which, although I can’t disagree with any of it, just leaves me cold.

And thank the Lord (I’m at it now!) that Colin Murray is back at the helm of Fighting Talk.