I don’t suppose I’ll ever stop going on about the day me and fellow coach Moira forlornly put a few cones out and opened up the long jump pit at a very damp Irishtown Stadium in Dublin. It was late summer 2008 and very few young athletes had been tempted to come along and train that summer. Crusaders, a club with a fine history, had never had a junior section and our efforts were amounting to very little. This dreary Open Day was looking like another waste of our time when…from seemingly nowhere a couple of dozen local youngsters appeared, running and jumping around. Rather startled we organised a couple of groups and had a brilliant hour or two with them. Now three years on Crusaders have a very strong junior section and they have produced their third Newsletter which is attached below. I am very proud of them all

Junior Cru News Issue 3 (Final) (1)