Chris Lake (JEP) is presently beavering away producing a History of Jersey Athletics.  He’s an expert writer and has bashed out a number of books on various topics in the past.  This project however has surprised him with its complexity and he’s roped in one or two of us to assist.

I’m always delighted to dig up little forgotten nuggets – here are two.  Firstly, the matter of a certain Keith Falle.  It’s a matter of record that he represented Jersey in the 1978 Commonwealth Games, in shot putt, in Edmonton, Canada.  Yet no one I’ve ever spoken to remembered him; even today the great brains of Colin Campbell and Martin Hebden produced nothing.  Then I thought ‘Tony Satchwell’ – it was obvious with hindsight.  ‘Satch’ was Jersey throwing for about 25 years, appearing himself in the 1974 and 1986 Games.  (Indeed he remains 70th on the all-time list of UK discus throwers, Zane Duquemin lying 78th).  Yes, of course he remembered him.  Keith is/was Jersey-born but resident in New Zealand.  He contacted Tony who advised him about qualification for the Games.  Keith came to Jersey, Tony beat him in two trial matches, yet Keith was selected for Edmonton on the basis of his previous record.  He did OK but was never heard of again.

Jersey athletics first appeared in the Island Games in Guernsey in 1987.  Footes Lane was then a cinder track.  The athletics programme was held over a weekend and Rob Currie advanced to the final of the 100m to be held on the Sunday.  Checking the weather forecast he saw that monsoon conditions were forecast so he obtained spikes designed for javelin boots i.e. very long.  Sure enough the track was under serious water but Rob’s spikes carried him to a silver medal.

Anyone who has snippets that might otherwise be lost please let me or Chris know soonest – he’s looking to publish in February