Alleluia and hosannas.   The Jersey Spartan website – in its seventh or eighth incarnation, is back.  You’ll find it at  Don’t rush there for any important information just yet as it seems to be in beta testing mode with a bunch of old information.   

It is now vital that the Club gets this up to date and active, and I mean on a daily or at least weekly basis.  There is nothing of less use than a website that is all pretty pretty and just sits there idle.  Communication with members and other interested parties has been shocking in recent times.  Even in prehistoric times the Club used to bang out a newsletter every four months or so to let everybody know what was going on. 

Strangely there were similar frustrations at my Irish club Crusaders whilst I was living in Dublin.  The existing site was dormant but there seemed no will to do anything about it.  I’m pleased to see that the new one is now up and running and reasonably up to date.  Here’s a great pic from the site of the 1945 team which predates even the great Ronnie Delany, as well as the now defunct Jersey Athletics Club!Image needed


So well done those responsible at Spartans and we look forward to a new day as regards these matters which are vital to the ongoing health of the Club.