My life has become a round of run, work, listen to radio football commentary, sleep. Since I began my marathon training in earnest I am finding that I have little time for anything else. I just have no idea how those runners with families, long commutes and mileage targets far higher than mine do it.

I’m setting the alarm for my midweek runs (Tues, Wed, Thurs) following the habit I started in Dublin. I soon discovered that city running is not much fun in the evenings and that, once it becomes a habit, dragging your ass out of bed early doors isn’t so bad. And, like in Dublin, I have only a short walk to the office so 5.45 is really the earliest I need get up.

I’ve yet to get back into the swing of coaching again. Although I really enjoy it I’m not inclined to dive back into it just yet; and the club are doing perfectly well without my input. Therefore when the weekends come I’m pretty much free to set up my runs when I like. The long run on Sunday I tend to do at lunchtime so that I can collapse listening to 5Live for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ve done a bit of creative writing recently but that has been put to one side. I’m rarely in a frame of mind to sit down and be creative. A few hours over Easter, that’s all recently. Alcohol intake is being restricted to a drop of wine on Saturday and a few beers on Sunday.

And when the marathon’s done on 7th June? Short term it will be World Cup watching, which will inevitably involve beer. But then I’ll need another target. I don’t want to let my weight creep up and my fitness levels fall away too much. The Jersey Marathon is on 3rd October. Whether or not that is wise or whether I’ll have the inclination is debateable.

In the short term though it’s a second run of the day this evening, about five miles. Then a short one on Saturday before an 18-miler on Sunday. For that one I intend firing up the Virtual Partner facility on my Garmin to try to even out my pacing.

Meanwhile I’ve my ticket booked Jersey-Cork, 5th June with Scaer Arann.