I’ve not put one foot in front of the other this week. I’m beginning to see a trend here where a race is followed by lack of motivation. Hopefully I’ll get a few miles in on Sunday and a long run, unusually, on Monday.

This weekend Crusaders have athletes competing at Nenagh (a couple of hours drive from Dublin) in the finals of the All-Ireland Indoor T&F Championships. To my chagrin I can’t get down there on Saturday so best wishes to Sarah, Izzy and Livs (shot putt), James (600m) and Patrick (60m).

On Sunday it’s a 7.30 start to see Matthew (sprint hurdles), James (hopefully in the 600m final) and shot putters Brian and Alix. Brian is going to use the ‘shift’ or ‘shuffle’ technique as opposed to the ‘glide’ as he is achieving much better distances in training with this. Alix is impressing me no end in training and – like Sarah, I think we will have a discus star on our hands this summer.