I’ve not yet told you Moira’s story. Prepare to hide behind the couch. Moira is my coaching colleague – a very well qualified and experienced coach. Eight days ago she was coaching a number of young athletes upstairs in the aerobics studio, the Dublin weather being foul as per usual. She attempted to demonstrate an exercise involving one of the Steps. Next thing she was on her back with her foot at right angles to her leg. One look and I was outta there, down to Reception, arranging an ambulance.

Remarkably Moira kept her distress under control and made it so much easier on everyone, especially the kids. I thought that was incredibly brave.

At last, when the ambulance had carted Moira away to St Vincent’s, one of the parents looked at me and said ‘Roy, you look like you need a cup of tea’. Yeah right, down to The Oarsman in Ringsend for a few pints more like.