At Hamptonne Country Life Museum recently a member of staff was walking down the passageway alongside the 15th Century Hamptonne House. A heavy book fell from above, landing at her feet. Looking up, it appeared to have come from a first-floor window so she ran into the house and shot up the stairs. No-one was there. Here is the window in question – how could a book have been dropped or thrown from there?

Thus endeth this mini-series, for now. Jersey actually isn’t too active when it comes to modern day sightings of what might be termed ‘high strangeness.’ Either that or people are keeping quiet about it. However, one Jersey woman now living in England, has a popular podcast devoted to modern-day fairy sightings. Jo Hickey-Hall interviews people who relate their personal experiences of encountering strange beings. It’s becoming the case, I think, that people are becoming less afraid to share their experiences. Jo’s website and podcast can be found here

The hotspot of high strangeness in Britain is North and East Yorkshire. Over the years, and to the present day, there have been countless sightings of lightforms and strange airborne craft along the cliffs north of Flamborough Head and out over the North Sea. Many aircraft, mainly military, have unaccountably crashed into the sea around there. Sightings abound of unearthly humanoids and animals, cryptids etc. There have been many disturbing animal mutilations down the years. The researcher Paul Sinclair has documented many of these – you can find Paul’s website at and he has a YouTube channel. Paul argues that it is impossible to explain many of these encounters within the boundaries of our present scientific knowledge, and just because they can’t be explained doesn’t mean that they aren’t real.

Keep checking under your beds before falling asleep.