(With a nod towards Peter Sarstedt)

Where did you go lovely sunshine
Just when we got used to you
The temperature’s dropped and it’s raining
And we’ll all end up with the flu (yes we will)

The visitors all dressed in T-shirts
And bright tops with uncovered arms
They’re all crowded into our cafes
And don’t wish to see Jersey’s charms (no they don’t)

And yesterday down at the cricket
It was like April again
Sad spectators huddled in corners
And peering outside at the rain (yes they were)

But at least Jersey’s farmers are happy
And the reservoirs do need the rain
So we shiver a while without grumbling
And the sun will return once again (yes it will)

For tomorrow the weather is changing
And our misery will be forgot
We’ll huddle in corners and grumble
Cos the weather’s too bloomin’ hot (yes it is)