Museum café rainy day
Killing time another cup
Perhaps a bun then I can stay
Until the manager locks up

Maybe he’ll notice maybe not
Perhaps I’ll stay here all the night
I’ll happily stay and be forgot
Till opening time and morning light

And then I’ll stay another day
A day a week perhaps a year
And from this corner rarely stray
The staff forget that I am here

And others sit around me now
I say hello no answer back
It’s odd when I remember how
I used to laugh and have the craic

But I am happy to be here
My work is done and now I’m free
I do try not to interfere
As I sit back and drink my tea

Today I wandered through the halls
Which were familiar way back then
I overheard two people say
“Whatever happened to old Ben?”

For I am now part of the show
Though not what visitors pay to see
Don’t be alarmed if you should glimpse
A shadow with a cup of tea