A quiet weekday afternoon, mild and windless. Do I listen to the radio, England losing at cricket, or should I go for a little run? Of course it’s no contest.

Starting at Val de la Mare Reservoir, no sign of water shortages right now.
Into the quiet lanes and past St Ouen’s Windmill, turned into an observation post by our German friends.
Up there to the right was once The Lobster Pot, one of Jersey’s top restaurants.
Making use of a bunker so kindly left behind by the invaders.
Our fellow Channel Islands on the horizon.
A little bit of hill work, build strength to the legs.
Before returning to sea level.

Jersey’s magnificent west coast, looking south.

Le Pulec, colloquially and accurately known as Stinky Bay.

A bit of German metal, undisturbed 75 years later.
Old German railway bridge next to Bethesda Chapel.
Back to the business end of the reservoir.
Into the ‘Forgotten Forest’.

Ten miles in the diary.