A heart-rending yet strong and beautiful piece of writing from Megan of Chicago.

According to Megan

I miss her. The girl I used to be last October. The person I was before thesadness would consume most of my days, leaving me to over analyze everything. We're still the same person. Just. Different. She's me. I am her. But along the way, our lives disconnected and plucked out the simpleness and innocence with complexity and experience. We're layered together, but the bright colors that once sparkled around us slowly faded into black and white. She had a lightness about her, and she didn't even realize it. She could dance around in the golden moonlight in her bare feet, blackened from walking down the street without shoes, with a strong drink in one hand and her cell phone in the other. Capturing every smile and every wink she'd send to her future husband. She'd listen to the waves collide against the rocks. She could run through the summer…

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