In September 1942, during the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands, an order was received that non-nationals of Jersey were to be deported to Germany. At very short notice an English-born retired sea captain, his wife and five children were ordered to report to the harbour with a limited number of personal belongings. The wife describes in her own words the panic that ensued.

Parcels of larger size new suits and woollies and new pairs of shoes were untied.  String and newspapers were strewn about the floor.  By the window stood seven piles of clothing, but so far, no suitcases.  Exhausted, worried and full of foreboding for the future, I knelt down, flung my arms above my head on to the bed and cried, ‘Oh God!’  At that very moment, I saw behind my right shoulder, and very near me, the tall figure of my maternal grandmother.  She was calm.  She said, ‘It will be alright.’  This she repeated.  My grandmother had died in 1939.  Somehow, I flung my body, fully dressed, upon the bed.  I became unconscious.

The apparition was of the Charlotte of Lowestoft, mother of Caroline, referred to in my previous post. The family were reprieved at the last minute and continued to live in Jersey through the Occupation.