Don Bridge 1948

Don Bridge 1948 (credit Jerripedia)

Tess fished around and pulled out thruppence.. ‘What do I say?’ she asked.
‘Just tell him your horse’s name and the amount you want to bet.’
Taking a deep breath, Tess stepped up. ‘Lilac Morning please, thruppence.’
Smiling at her the bookie said ‘Thruppence. Lilac Morning, on the nose.’ He wrote in his book and she took the slip that he handed her. Together they made their way back to the seats to wait for the race. At 10/1 Tess calculated that she stood to win half a crown when Lilac Morning romped home. Plus her thruppence back. Maybe she liked horse racing after all!
From A Jersey Midsummer’s Tale

Don Bridge modern

The present day cycle track follows the lines of the old racecourse