Jimi Hendrix is acknowledged as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. His fame with the Jimi Hendrix Experience lasted a very short space of time, from late 1966 until his death in 1970.

During that period his band members consisted of Englishmen Noel Redding (bass guitar) and Mitch Mitchell (drummer). And, like the Rolling Stones, they were a bit wild. Respectable grown-ups disliked them – they weren’t like those nice Beatles or Monkees. But they made great music.

Mitch Mitchell1

LtoR – Redding, Hendrix, Mitchell

Mitch Mitchell3

After Hendrix’s death both Redding and Mitchell continued their musical careers, though with much lower profiles. In the mid-eighties I wandered into the Anne Port Bay Hotel, a quiet bar on Jersey’s east coast. It was quieter than ever that evening, just one chap sitting in the corner reading his paper. I was introduced to him, quietly spoken, wet-fish handshake. He said hello politely and the former hell-raising drummer Mitch Mitchell returned to reading his newspaper.

Mitchell died in 2008, five years after Redding.