Funny, when I started doing a bit of writing I harboured – like most beginners – a hope that one day I’d hold a book with my name on the front. Today I went live on Amazon Kindle with my seventh.

It was only reading it over for the very last time I realised I had written a YA novel. I don’t aim my books at anyone in particular but it’s clear to me that, if this one has an audience, it will be young adults. Again a young female protagonist with not one, but two separate quests.


Those of you who have read my recent Family Lines posts will soon realise that much of the story is set in Dunmanway, West Cork. Indeed the cottage named ‘Coolbawn’ in the story and its present and former inhabitants bear a passing resemblance to Tonafora and my father’s family. Beyond that it is fiction, and a bit of fantasy fiction at that.

It’s available at, or indeed at your regional store. Paperback follows.

Will there be a Book 8? Probably, but the muse has yet to arrive in that respect so it might be some time.