Happy to say that my fifth novel is now available for Amazon Kindle. Paperback coming soon.


It is, of course, a sequel to my first novel Barry. That first book was written before I even learnt that there was method in writing stories. I wonder if this one is an improvement after years of practice, absorption of advice and mixing with other indie authors.

As I did theΒ final read through it struck me how multi-toned the story is. It was meant to be fairly earnest but I couldn’t resist having fun with my older Irish couple. I was pleased to see that each of my characters have individual quirks and/or issues, without me having planned them. These characters colourise the story around the main protagonists Barry and Lara who are, by contrast, always strong and reliable.

And I wonder if readers will feel the latent menace in the Miere sub-plot, or whether I’ve failed in that?

And did I rush the ending? Could I have strung it out, built the suspense?

Anyway, it’s out there to either fly or to crash and burn. I hope you give it a try.