A rather random post this morning – one that was inspired as I started doing a bit of tidying around the place, a task now temporarily abandoned.

Take a look at this pic – I quite forget how I came by the original.100_0431

The photo was taken, I think, outside Jersey’s Opera House in Gloucester Street. A couple of things date it to within a year or so, notably the posters on the wall for the 1948 film ‘Broken Journey’. The Opera House was, at this period in its history, primarily a cinema.

What of those pictured? On the left is Cyril Gill who, before he came to Jersey, competed for Great Britain at athletics and was the lead-off member of the sprint relay team that won a bronze medal at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics (possibly the last time a GB team got the baton round ๐Ÿ™‚ ).ย 

He is shaking the hand of Harry Askew who was born in Barrow-in-Furness and came to Jersey as Head of Victoria College for a couple of years at the end of the 40s before continuing his teaching career in the north-east of England. Harry was also a top athlete and came 9th in the 1948 London Olympics at long jump. To this day he holds the Jersey long jump record of 7.29m.

Together Cyril and Harry formed the Jersey Athletics Club after the War.

The lady is (I think) Harry’s wife Beth.

The suave gentleman on the right? Almost certainly David Niven, no stranger to the Island. Niven saw active service during WW2 and acted in a film set in 1940 in the occupied Channel Islands – Appointment with Venus (Island Rescueย in the US).

One almost-discarded photo, so many stories it hatches.