Occasionally one finds an old blog and thinks it’s worth re-blogging. Here’s one I like from a few years back.

Back On The Rock

The lovely river Lee runs prettily through Cork city into the Irish Sea. Inland it is fed by tributaries, one of which is the Sullane which runs through Macroom and Ballyvourney. In turn the Sullane is fed by innumerable streams and rills which, even in the driest summers, make their way down over the rocks and the high pastures of the mountains which mark the Cork and Kerry border. I gasped for more than one reason turning around after a relentless 30-minute uphill slog out of Ballyvourney in the late afternoon sunshine. I contend that no photographer or artist could fully capture the awesomeness of the Irish countryside in the way it was set out before me right then. Another fifteen minutes might have brought me up to the highest point but I want to live to fight another day. Ballyvourney is the centre of Corkโ€™s little enclave of theโ€ฆ

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