There should really be euphoria on a launch. But really it’s quiet satisfaction at best, relief more likely. Those last couple of weeks of line-editing, proofreading, fixing little inconsistencies, plot holes…you think that you’ll never get there. Formatting through Scrivener was easy enough even for a technophobe and it was great to see the final draft in Kindle Previewer. But the ‘final’ read through in its final format threw up a loadΒ of stuff that had been missed before – worrying after you’ve got to the dfw-rm-awcm-cover-3d-nologostage where you can almost recite the 70,000 words. So an absolutely final read through, and yet more stuff to tidy up. Even now I’m sure there are a few things, maybe dialogue formatting and punctuation that the eagle eyed will spot. If there’s anything beyond that I hope that some kind soul will let me know. As ever the writing was the fun part and I had a ball with this one. I hope the enjoyment shines through. I clicked on Publish (and be damned) at midnight last night. Now to do a bit of marketing, see where we get. And then take a deep breath and tackle Createspace to get a POD version done before embarking on the next project. Available now at Amazon UK (click on image) or, as well as most other regions. Thank you all out there for your support!