When I first started blogging back in the mists of time (2003-ish, pre-Wordpress) it was purely about athletics and running. The emphasis changed over the years and now it is of course mainly a writer’s blog.

Roy Half 2014-11-16

Not the winner

I was never much good as a runner but I started to approach something like competence in 2010, the year I set all my PBs. It’s been pretty much downhill since then. I got older, did less miles, put on a fair bit of weight.

In July I started to turn things around, but it was back in May 2011 that I last ran a Half-Marathon. I therefore started with a bit of trepidation this morning. Although my PB is (and will remain) 1:46 I was hoping for 2:10 with a stretch target of 2:00. A final result of 2:05 was pretty satisfactory.

My running buddy Ella (in red) and her friend Rebecca, running her first Half.

My running buddy Ella (in red) and her friend Rebecca, running her first Half.

I set off cautiously – there are a series of little uphills in miles 2 & 3. Then I fell in with Marie and we chatted and trotted along steadily up to the 7-mile marker at Gorey Pier. I felt OK so decided to see what I could do. I was able to pick it up significantly – and it’s always nice to pick other runners off. I timed it nicely for a final effort on the track only to find that, due to a re-measure, you now do a lap and a half on the track to finish 😦 But I was happy enough to have come through a bit of a test. Next target is 1:57 in the late Spring. Mile splits as follows.

10.30 hills
10.16 hills
8.57 πŸ™‚