I’m not sure that this was a great idea, this NaNo malarkey. Until I signed up I wasn’t fully aware of the level of my existing commitments. But whatever, it’s having exactly the desired effect. I’m knocking out my 1700 words a day on Barry 2, pretty slapdash stuff though. I’m sitting down, setting my Scrivener session meter on 1700 and I’m writing until I get there, no matter what time.NaNo2

It’s 10pm now and I’ve finished for today which is early enough for a change. Thing is I work 9 – 5.30, I coach three evenings a week, I’ve got a half-marathon to run this Sunday etc. For once I’ve literally no spare time whatsoever.

I’m line-editing A West Cork Mystery in my lunch break when I’d normally read the paper. World War III could have started for all I know. I’m beginning to think that a 1st December launch might be optimistic. There’s a load of tidying up to do and I haven’t got a cover yet. Before Christmas though, for sure.

And I’ve had little or no time to catch up on all your blogs. I’m saving all the ‘new post’ notifications and will get to them eventually.

Here’s a random passage from A West Cork Mystery. Miranda is trying to persuade 77 year-old Jim to accompany her back to Ireland to help the ghost of his long-dead younger brother rest.

She slumped forward, defeated. Her eyes brimmed and, despite herself, the tears silently fell onto the carpet. Embarrassed she fished in her handbag for a tissue. She tried to speak but no words came. Instead she stood up ready to take her leave.
‘I’m sorry Ma’am, I truly am. Even if I wasn’t sick, I couldn’t afford to go.’
She composed herself enough to say ‘Money would be no object, Jim. We’re rich.’
‘I’m sorry Ma’am, I truly am.’
‘Well, thank you for seeing me Jim. Thank your wife as well.’
‘Janie was killed two weeks ago Ma’am, but it don’t make no difference.’