One of the best posts I’ve read in a good while from Candidkay.


I sat on a small couch in a tiny house, looking out the window.Blue fence with white flowers

I smiled as I dreamed of the future. I talked to God.

“This is our house. I know it’s only the fifth or sixth house we’ve looked at but it feels like home. If You can just see fit to put us in this house, all will be right in my world.”

I dreamed of children running on the lawn. Dinners served at the dining room table. Lullabies sung in the nursery.

It was picture perfect, in my mind.

In reality,  we would find a leak in the gas line leading to the stove, poor plumbing, an ancient gravity-air furnace, wallpaper in just about every available square inch of wall space.

This house was a labor of love for my ex and me.

But, the children did run on the lawn. Many dinners have been served…

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