‘A West Cork Mystery’ is the book I wanted to write for myself, not necessarily for potential readers. Nevertheless I think it’s good enough for others to read. Therefore, barring accidents, it will launch on Amazon Kindle on Monday 1st December.

Regulars will know that I struggled with the question of whether to edit the m/s with a view to conform to an acceptable word count which a publisher would consider. In the end I decided to simply self-publish again. I’m too old and busy to spend months, maybe years, angling for interest that might not be there at all.

AWCM has been beta-read and critiqued by the excellent Sue Ghosh, herself a newly-published author. She gave me much helpful advice, some of which I even accepted πŸ™‚



The m/s is presently being proof read and I’m in the process of having a cover designed. It will be available as an ebook only in the first instance though I might then go down the POD road for the first time. A little extract, where Miranda and Joe find Dunmurry House for sale on their Irish honeymoon.

‘Joe, isn’t it just beautiful?’

‘The view or the house?’

‘Both, everything! Imagine living here!’

‘Imagine living here in the middle of winter, honey. The rain and wind howling in off the Atlantic, more tiles being blown off the roof. Miles to get to the nearest store. Probably no broadband. Then it would be ‘why did we leave Massachusetts, honey?”.