It seems ‘a la mode’ to take a blogging break at some stage, or even to cut oneself free of all social media and indeed human interaction. Maybe go sit in a remote cave somewhere for a while and discover the meaning of life.

Well Northamptonshire in England’s East Midlands closely resembles an empty cave. Nevertheless I’ve been offered the use of a nice big house in a little village with a shop and rival pubs at either end of the High Street. There I will be spending a couple of weeks attacking my novel #5, working title ‘Michael’s story’. Like #4 this is a little mystery set in West Cork.hermit writingAh, #4. This is the one I asked you lovely people for your advice on what to do with it. Well, a decision has been made. I can’t find within me the resolve to hawk it around agents, all that malarkey. Therefore I’m in the process of getting it proofread ‘as is’ and formatted, I’ll commission a nice cover and it will go out on Kindle – possibly also POD – in the next few months. But thank you everyone for helping me marshal my thoughts on this.

And finally, to celebrate my upcoming break from the (salaried) grindstone, I am offering my first novel Barry entirely free all next week. It’s not a bad little effort for a naive first-timer. Take advantage, pick it up.

See you all on the other side.