‘Where do you all come from?’ – Mott The Hoople

One of WordPress’s most interesting stats is ‘hits by country’. In an idle moment I checked out my hits for the last year. In percentage terms here they are –

United States          23.8
United Kingdom      19.6
Jersey                     19.3
Ireland                     17.6
Canada                     6.1
Australia                   3.2
France                      1.2
New Zealand            1.2

Brazil                        0.8
Germany                  0.7
Guernsey                 0.7
Other                        5.8



In some instances surprising. The US is a big-ass country (as Britt would say) but I wonder if it has a higher percentage of bloggers. A lot of hits from my home island but I have no idea who they might be from as they are happy to lurk, which is fine. UK and Ireland I’d expect to be up there.

But hello out there in Brazil and Germany – and especially in Guernsey, our neighbours Who Time Forgot 😉

Any surprising numbers from fellow bloggers out there?