How exciting is that? I just submitted my very first query to a publisher, this in relation to the manuscript of ‘A West Cork Mystery’. I know, I can hear you chuckling from here. I’ve heard all the stories about multiple rejections, about how each rejection ought to make you more determined. I even read somewhere of the writer who proudly decorates his office with rejection slips while he continues to slave over his PC.

I’m going into this process with an open mind – optimism tinged with realism. I know what I’ve written is good and that it is readable and marketable. I’ve done enough reading of my own – including a good slug of book reviews – to know that my writing is starting to compare favourably with others out there. Also I think I’ve improved and learnt a lot since my ‘Barry’ days. If an agent or publisher thinks likewise then happy days. If not, well, too bad – I’ll be no worse off.

Bantry House & Bay (david marhall photography)

Bantry House & Bay (david marhall photography)

There’s no doubt that the blogging community has helped a great deal. I am always happy to seek out advice and this is always freely given. Whereas once I thought I could just write with blinkers onΒ without taking advice on board have gone. So thank you to all out there that share their advice and experience.

So, we’ll see. I’ve got the choice of Irish, UK and even North American agents and publishers. I’m sure that there’s a market for well-written Irish stories outside the shores of that country – you’ll find Irish emigrants and their descendants in every corner of the world.

And if it all comes to nought then I’ll bang it up on Amazon myself and plough on regardless.