Coaching any sport is a labour of love. Very few outside the very best in their field do it for the money. The day you fall out of love with coaching is the day you pack it in. Your dissatisfaction and lack of enjoyment will soon spread to your coachees.

I was reminded of how much I enjoy coaching on Wednesday evening. On the final night of Jersey Joggers’ Couch to 5k programme, for adult beginners, we had no less than 45 start and finish their target 5k run through the dark roads and lanes of St Clement. Probably 50% were first-timers with the others generally returners to running after a long layoff.

I guess this is about the 9th or 10th programme of this type I’ve led. It was by some distance the largest group. I don’t know where everyone comes from, really I don’t. I was expecting double figures considering it was the 3rd programme in 14 months, but we regularly had 40+ turn out in sometimes miserable conditions on the Esplanade on weekday evenings. We lost a few, inevitably, through injury and other commitments but what a great turnout for the finale!

And most stayed for the Celebration party at Partners Restaurant, as you can see. I’m the worried, big one in the brown T-shirt.Partners Mar 14

Everybody enjoyed the programme, I certainly enjoyed working with everybody and met some lovely people. Ominously there are a significant few who are looking forward to doing it all over again in the autumn. That’s not quite the idea but I still like seeing familiar faces on these courses.

So onwards with an extension programme to prepare those who wish for a 10k on 6th April, then we’ll see what will transpire.