I’m honoured to to have been chosen as guest blogger on the fabulous Britt Skrabanek’s blog. Please pop over to follow her life-affirming posts and consider picking up her two 5-star novels at Amazon UK.

Britt Skrabanek

Life is just one of those things we don’t notice sometimes, right? We’re moving along, full speed, and it often passes us by. But the little moments, not the  accomplishments or milestones we reach, are often where the best of life resides. These moments are small, so you have to look hard. But when you catch them, it’s simply awesome.

Last month Letizia from Reading Interrupted stopped us in our busy tracks when she beautifully spoke of something we all genuinely love…books. In my new series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, incredible humans from all over the world discuss what makes them tick.

Today I’m stoked to welcome Roy from Back on the Rock, a long-time blogger/author buddy of mine all the way in Jersey (the Channel Islands, not the Jersey Shore).  Roy is just a good dude with heart, and his writing never fails to be insightful.  The…

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