A little while ago one of my favourite blogs toyed with a recurring theme – what if Hitler had been killed earlier in his life, or indeed if someone were to travel back in time to do the deed and therefore change history. Insofar as one can find a bit of humour in the subject here is some courtesy of the website xkcd.com

kill_hitler (1)

I was therefore very interested in a recent story run in the Birmingham Mail – here’s the link A Warwickshire-born soldier literally had Hitler in his sights towards the end of the First World War. Obviously he didn’t know the German soldier’s identity at the time. The fact that he was injured and defenceless made Henry Tandey hesitate and lower his weapon. The soldier escaped.

It was 20 years later, in 1938, that Hitler met with the UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. By this time Tandey had been made the subject of a painting by Fortunio Mantania which captured the skirmish which had involved Hitler. Only when Chamberlain spoke to Tandey was the soldier made aware of whose life he had spared. He was soon to regret his own merciful deed.

And there is one small instance in which the awful tide of history might have turned.