A feisty and attractive young woman, torn between two lovers. Drugs trafficking and drug barons. Agents and double agents. An idyllic Caribbean island. All pretty reliable ingredients for a novel. But the ingredients still have to be added and mixed at the right time and in the correct amounts. In The Right Wrong Man Pamela Wight does a pretty good job.

The story begins in Boston with a good portrayal of that city’s life. Very chick litty as Meredith juggles her stressful job with her love life with an ex-boyfriend reappearing on the scene after a long absence. Indeed I like a bit of chick lit and this was jogging along very nicely.

But wow, does it accelerate in tempo. Next thing the whole cast of characters, plus a few more, are in the Virgin Islands. Meredith is there on business but suddenly there are bad guys and good guys everywhere, and her two lovers are somehow mixed up in all this. How to make sense of it all?

I’m not sure I ever did. However there is action aplenty to keep the somewhat confused story moving along. Guns, poison, seduction, mini typhoons, helicopters? You got it.


Inevitably Meredith helps save the day, but which man will she choose? You’d best buy the book, follow the convoluted plot through the mayhem and find out. And try to solve the author’s little riddle whilst you’re doing so!

You can catch up with the author at her blog http://roughwighting.net/