It’s been just great to get a week’s leave from work. I love my job but I needed that little break. I was booked to travel to Ireland but went right off the idea. Instead I spent the week at home, toddling around the apartment and settling down to some writing.

As my writer/blogger colleagues will know it’s blooming difficult organising writing around a working life. Some people manage it well but I don’t have that iron discipline. But, as I prepare to face my desk again on Monday and a million inbox messages I console myself that I’ve had a good week.

  • On the first morning I had my annual tidy-up of the apartment. In the process I created a proper working area at my desk and away from the laptop.
  • I determined to pursue the idea of writing first drafts longhand, with pen and paper. A number of writers work in this way. Frankly it’s too early to say if the creativity flows better for me using this method. However, at the very least, turning to the keyboard for the second draft and editing will certainly help objectivity.
  • I already have the perfect working conditions; a seafront apartment with its constantly changing view, weather, sounds. Time to harness those conditions into words on paper.

As to my various projects here is an update.

  • My human trafficking novel seen through the eyes of the female victim is becalmed at 22,000 words. I have had all sorts of encouragement and advice but I’m really stuck. The concept is still compelling but I reckon a total restart is necessary.
  • I have written a playlet based on the epic novel Keeper of the Crystal Spring by the amazing Naomi Baltuck and her sister. Depending on the available cast this might be used in this year’s Jersey Eisteddfod. In any event I’m inspired enough to consider turning this into a full-length play in time.
  • Having pondered for a number of weeks I have burst into action writing a somewhat whimsical Irish mystery tale bringing in bits of legends, fairies, ghosts etc. I’m hopeless at outlining – I just can’t do it – but I’m blazing ahead with a good idea of where I’m headed. This will be a story somewhat shorter than a novel but it will become my fourth published work, for better or worse.fountain pen

I won’t be hiring an editor as in the past so I may be asking one or two beta readers to look over this one in due course. For sure I’m going to get it proof-read to within an inch of its life – nothing irritates me more in a book than typos.

So, back to work on Monday but I’ve made another little change. Henceforth Sundays – mornings at least – will be devoted to writing. To enable this I’m packing in coaching the little ones at athletics and this will be a wrench. I love seeing them all proudly wearing their Jersey Spartan AC tops and all trying their hearts out. Track & field is a great sport for youngsters and sets them up with good practices for active lives in the years to come.spartan minis