Thoughtful and insightful Philadelphia lawyer and blogger AMB (The Misfortune of Knowing) has been kind enough to read my debut novel Barry and this is her perspective.

The Misfortune Of Knowing

One of the benefits of blogging has been meeting writers from all over the world and getting to know about their work. One of these blogger-writers is Roy McCarthy, who pops over to The Misfortune of Knowing from his home in Jersey, Channel Islands* to share his perspective on a range of topics, including whether an ebook is ever worth $17.99.

Recently, I was delighted to learn that Roy’s novel, Barry, is available on Amazon and not priced at $17.99 for the ebook.

McCarthy CoverThis novel features the Lane family, including Barry, who is facing a somewhat early mid-life crisis as he approaches his 40th birthday: he’s an overweight former runner who is financially insecure and disconnected from his lovely wife of 10 years. We follow the Lanes’ journey, as Barry and his wife Lara struggle to reduce the impact of their diverging interests on their relationship and…

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