Barry cracks Canada! I’m honoured that excellent blogger Jane Fritz chose my debut novel as her e-book initiation.

Robby Robin's Journey

I have to admit that I have been a reluctant convert to eBooks.  It’s partly because I’m a cheap skate and partly because I love my books.  Prior to a long trip two years ago, I decided it was time for me to switch to eBooks and join the new world, at least for our trip.  I downloaded Kobo onto our iPad on the recommendation of a friend who said there were all kinds of free books available for it and she loved how Kobo turned her iPad into an eReader.  I downloaded a few of the free books, but they were the most classic of the classics, all of which I’d either read or previously dismissed.  Then I downloaded Overdrive, which is the reader our Public Library uses for their eBooks.  I was excited to learn that I could borrow eBooks from our library.  Sadly, the selection of eBooks…

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