It’s cost me, what, £2,000 – £2,500 per title to produce my three novels to date. That’s fine – it’s a hobby of mine and some hobbies cost much more. And I may get a measure of payback down the line. Time will tell.

But my last piece of expenditure has resulted in all three titles being made available on Amazon Kindle. It really is the only sensible way for an unproven indie to produce books these days. If no one buys them, then fine. The investment hasn’t been great. But there’s a limit to how much one can, or ought to spend, on a hobby.

So my two Jersey social history novels, A Jersey Midsummer Tale and Tess of Portelet Manor have joined Barry in the Kindle store. You can read a bit more about each via the tabs above, or hey, you can go straight there with your plastic, UK readers here  and readers here.

That’s a three-year project wrapped really. With a nucleus of books up and available I’m looking forward to striking off in a different writing direction. I have four days leave next month when I hope to start making serious progress with my modern slave trade story.

And here’s hoping a few of my blogging friends’ WIPs see the light of day shortly. I’m always happy to throw up a review.