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Back On The Rock

What were you doing on Valentine’s Night 1981? I can’t remember. I was young enough to still be doing some naff romantic stuff like flowers and dinner I suppose.

In north Dublin hundreds of youngsters made their way to the Stardust nightclub in Artane. They were looking for a few drinks with friends, a bit of a dance, a heightened chance of a kiss or a grope on the night that was in it. They got more than they bargained for. What transpired was one of Ireland’s worse tragedies (and they’ve had a few) which continues to deeply affect the area to this day. But as shocking in a different sense is the cover up and refusal to accept accountability that, even by Ireland’s standards of corruption (which no one bothers denying any more) is staggering.

The cause of the fire (probably in the roof area) is uncertain – I’ll…

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