Hurray! My consignment of Tess of Portelet Manor finally arrived on the back of a lorry. I’ve flogged a few around the office, sent another few off to off-Island friends. Next week I’ll get the distributor to pick another load up to get into the shops and other outlets.

Maybe I’ll arrange a little book launch at our chic little office in St Helier shortly; it’s an opportunity for the firm to have new people have a look around at the conversion that’s been done on the old 18c merchant’s house and courtyard. In the process I might get rid of a few more copies of A Jersey Midsummer Tale which is still commandeering space in my storage area.

But really (and probably to the puzzlement of many authors, both established and aspiring) I’m really not bothered about selling. The overwhelming number of people out there on the Net that give great advice on selling your books are, frankly, wasting their time with the likes of me. I’m not motivated to sell. I don’t particularly need to. I’ve no dream, as so many have, of becoming a full-time writer. Sure, it would be nice to have a secondary income (or even a primary one – I’m not so far away from retirement) but I have no intention on wasting my energy trying to create one.

I’ve loved writing my books. I’m now in the process of getting them converted to mobi. and thereby onto KDP. This is an interesting subject in today’s writing world. I hear gruesome tales of struggle to format one’s work properly. Again there is plenty of help and advice out there, but it doesn’t always translate well in practical terms. The likes of the excellent Catherine Ryan Howard will take you, step-by-step, through the process of conversion from Word. Others extol the virtues of Scrivener – a sort of organiser for writers that, at the end of your labours, does the conversion for you.

The author Craig Stone says that he eventually downloaded Mobi Pocket Creator, and converted his intriguing The Squirrel That Dreamt Of Madness in ten minutes. Anyone else used this program? It is free and, if it indeed works, that’s an awful lot of advice being made redundant.

But anyway, if you’re local you can pick the new book up from me rather than pay the shop price. Off-Island readers I’ll let you know when it’s downloadable.