Crikey, I knew we’d had some interest but I didn’t expect 40 people to turn out for the very first session 🙂 Good intentions and all that. But come they did in their droves, most of them even bearing disclaimer forms which may or may not save me from a legal claim in case someone has a heart attack or something. All but a handful were female.

We’re starting off with a basic Couch to 5k course, over nine weeks. This involves a walk/jog routine, certainly in the early weeks. With little enough choice in Jersey on dark evenings we convened at Bel Royal from where you have traffic-free runs along the front with at least some lighting to guide the way.running man

This week’s three sessions are – warm up then jog 60sec, walk 90sec x 8, stretch. The jogging bits are done very slowly, though the participants have the option of stretching out a little if they wish after the half-way point.

I’ll gradually be introducing good running habits, one at a time. Tonight’s was simply – run tall, eyes ahead which automatically aligns head, shoulders and hips so the feet land correctly under the centre of gravity.

Now I hope everyone doesn’t bring an extra friend on Wednesday or we might be in crowd trouble!