What a  flippin’ palaver it’s been. But at last the text file has been fixed to my satisfaction and Tess of Portelet Manor is due to be delivered, in paperback form, by the end of the month. Distribution to local shops sorted as well.

You can see a little synopsis if you click on the tab above.

That will be three novels self-published about which I am pretty happy. They are all in paperback though and, without mega sales, it is costing me more than I like to keep working in this way. The next step therefore is to get all three converted to ebook format and thrown up on Amazon/Kindle. It’s really the only realistic route for indie authors these days.

And any future work will be more than likely only be produced in e-format too. Maybe I’ll look at POD, I’ll see.

I’ve made a start on novel #4. This is waaayy different. It’s going to be a portrayal of human trafficking/sex slavery set in Nepal and India. I’m having a go at writing this through the young female slave’s eyes, in the first person – a bit of a challenge! But what I also want to do is look at the economics, the money trail, the conditions, corruption, lack of effective legislation and/or prosecution that allows this trade to flourish. Not one for the mass market I think but it’s a project I feel moved to have a go at. Wish me luck.

More news on Tess shortly 🙂