A bit nostalgic tonight. Back in June 2010 I made my third and final attempt at completing the Cork Marathon. At a low personal ebb early in 2010, having recently left Ireland with heavy heart, I promised myself that I would be back that June under happier circumstances. This is how that day unfolded.

Back On The Rock

That’s it, done, finished.  At the third time of asking I sailed (well…) over the finishing line in Cork yesterday.  I trained well for 18 weeks and finally executed a good race.  4:27.23 was only a little way outside my target time of 4:22 so I’m well pleased.

Weather-wise there couldn’t have been a bigger contrast to the last three race days; but there was no doubt which the runners preferred though it was pretty miserable for the many helpers, paid or otherwise.  Heavy rain was forecast for the 9-12 timeslot and duly arrived with a vengeance.  But before this I had the good fortune to meet Woddle and eliwallach from Boards.ie once again.  There were a lot more boardsies in town but on this occasion I missed them.

So, off with bin-liners and on with the race, starting from Patrick’s Street as usual.  Off around the town with me…

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