Once upon a time this was a running blog more than anything else. Then, after my second and last marathon in Cork (June 2010) that side of things gradually fell away. I’ve done very little in a couple of months now but on Tuesday went out for a very pleasant jog/walk with our receptionist from work, a gal 1/3 my age determined to keep in shape.

Then this evening I got this lovely email from a woman I coached a year or so ago. It reads.

Hi Roy,
you probably dont remember me, I was on your couch to 5k course last september and missed the last 2 weeks because I was away (I was the one who struggled!!). This is just to let you know that in october I competed in the Bupa great south 5k, the first time I had ever run that distance, I ran the whole way in a time of 39 minutes 12 seconds. Quite amazing as when I entered I put down an approx time of 50+ minutes. I absolutely loved the experience and have kept up the running since. This is just to thank you for your patience with my starting attempts when you kept me company at the very back, without your encouragement I would never have turned up each time!!

So now then, I’m going to make a concerted effort to get a new group, Jersey Joggers, off the ground before the New Year. It will offer coaching and running company just about free of charge, rather than have people pay Β£75 or so for a 9-week course via the local adult education college. It will give me a new impetus and hopefully I’ll get into shape fit enough to race in 2013.