The Prince’s Hotel at Havre des Pas has been rescued! For a number of years this historic watering hole has become run down, and – under the most recent guise as Wack’s Bar (who on earth allowed that?) had become a no-go area for many.

Now, under the leadership of the sparky Sarah Burns, it has been cleaned up and modernised in a minimalist way, but with a suitable nautical theme. Lots of community activity – music, quizzes etc and it is bound to do well.

Way, way back this was Pigeon’s Public House and was owned by Francis Allix, along with Holyrood House next door. Allix was a shipbuilder at the height of the industry in Jersey, his yard across the road on the adjacent beach. There’s a nice memorial to the shipyard there these days. The Prince’s Hotel – as it was to become – was a regular venue for club and association meetings and even in living memory was a decent, lively local. Then the decline set in.

The reopening

It’s still not quite my cup of tea – no Real Ale and a bit too lively 🙂 – but I am really pleased to see the place revitalised and it is just what the area needs. The very best of luck to them.