The last bits seem to take forever! I’ve just finished the very last proof read of A Jersey Midsummer Tale. I started writing this over two years ago now and the process of finishing the first draft and getting to this stage has taken far longer than I could have imagined.

It’s not as if there have been any major re-writes either. I’m not (yet) hooked to a publisher who will demand rewrites, and I think I’d hate that process. Anyway, there are parts that, in retrospect, I might have written differently – or not at all – but I suspect that few authors are 100% happy with their books. Just as every artist will be less than satisfied with every aspect of a portrait or landscape.

Anyway, I’m now thinking that book delivery will be nicely timed for Midsummer! Unlike Barry I’m going to try and flog a few of these. Waterstone’s will be stocking it for a start and I’ll actually try a bit of marketing.

You can find further details and the great cover image by clicking on the relevant tab above ^^^.

Barry is now available to download on the web, and I’ve still got a few traditional copies left. I’m pleased to say no one has pronounced it crap yet. There again people are very kind and may be sparing my feelings 🙂 Go to the tab above ^^^ to get a copy.

And Tess of Portelet Manor is taking shape nicely. Again this is a Jersey historical novel which follows the main female character from Part 1 of Midsummer through the pre-War years, the German Occupation and beyond. I love it so far, but finding time to devote to it is impossible. Roll on the two public holidays next month!