No better time to make a resolution. After pretty much abandoning the running life last year I’m going to try to build up my fitness and form again. A few days ago I had a pleasant few miles with Michelle Acton-Phillips, trying to keep up with her younger legs as she skipped through the grass up by Nicolle Tower trying keep her white runners clean 🙂 Today I jogged off slowly eastwards along the coast road with the intention of laying down a marker for the year.

The beach at Green Island

I’m rejoining the 1000 mile challenge, having declared it a tyranny this time last year 🙂  I lead for an hour or so anyway! One thing this sort of thing does is keep you honest and more likely not to postpone a scheduled run. I’ve no particular target at present though, only to get fitter and maybe get in shape for one or two spring races.

A drizzly, cool morning ideal for a plod. The ribbon development along the coast  shelters you from the sea breeze. (It’s a holy wonder that the only stretch of undeveloped coast between Millard’s Corner and Green Island hasn’t got apartments on it by now). One or two other joggers out – maybe more good intentions this New Year’s Day. I’m feeling OK so I stretch it out a bit past Le Hocq and Pontac turning left at La Petite Sente at the point where the Jersey Eastern Railway also cut inland many years ago.

A horse

Through the damp lanes, over Fauvic crossroads and along to Grouville Church. There the intrepid runner ignores the longer and gentler incline of Grouville Hill to tackle the original and considerably steeper road towards town, Blood Hill. Successfully achieving the top in baby steps I stop to talk to a horse in a field that comes looking for a sugar lump or even a rub on the nose. He gets neither from me as I wish to keep both hands attached to my arms as I freewheel down the significant hill that is La Rue Soulas. Who should be attacking the hill in the opposite direction but the legendary Ken White, he who still believes he can compete with the best though he’s just about 60 now.

Jimmy White (nearest I can find for Ken, sorry)

So home along La Blinerie and a pleasing 6.6 miles in the bag early doors.