Did you cast your vote yet? You can you know, in advance, at St Paul’s Centre. I popped in today. A nice lady sits just inside the door and looks at you enquiringly. When she ascertains that you want to vote, and that you haven’t popped in for a pint of milk maybe, you are directed to one of four desks. Behind each a helper checks your ID, hands you your voting papers and points you to the voting booth. Job done you put your papers in an envelope and hand them to the nice lady on the way out. Tell you what, it beats running the gauntlet of candidates, their supporters and the staff at the regular polling stations.

So who’s going to get the four Senatorial seats up for grabs? There is one shoo-in (Sir Philip) but others you just ask yourself…why? I can’t find any betting on this (though maybe Honest Nev Ahier would give you a price) so I’ve made my own up. Remember it’s first past the post and the prices are for the candidate to get one of the four places.

Bailhache, Philip                                  1/100
Cohen, Freddie                                     1/2
Gorst, Ian                                                1/1
Le Gresley, Francis                             1/1
Colley, Rose                                           2/1
Farnham, Lyndon                                2/1
Pearce, Darius                                       40/1
Richardson, David                               50/1
Lagadu, Sylvia                                        75/1
Syvret, Stuart                                        100/1
Forskitt, Mark                                       100/1
Whitworth, Chris                                 1000/1
Corby, Linda                                          1000/1