I’m still doing a little bit of what might be loosely described as ‘running’. This morning (Sun) somewhat inspired by the runs of Scott Overall and Paula Radcliffe in Berlin I laced up my Frees and headed slowly eastwards. A gorgeous day again with the late summer sunshine tempting many outdoors to run, bike, do a bit of painting or gardening maybe. I decided to push out to Le Hocq – a nothing distance really but further than I’ve been venturing of late. Turning up Rue du Hocq – a lane with some lovely old buildings – I stopped to admire Craigie Cottage. This is the old Le Hocq Station building, tucked into a cul-de-sac on the right.

Craigie Cottage

It’s been altered since the railway days of course but still features a length of the original platform. From here the line ran on through a cutting (since infilled), under the coast road and down to Pontac.

At the Inner Road, although I wasn’t feeling great I determined to explore the lane across the road – Rue du Pignon leading via Rue du Genestet to Rue au Blanc. And here was a new discovery – a footpath opened along private land eventually brings one out onto La Blinerie. A nice and unusual find this, a landowner happy to welcome walkers and plodders. Happily this track leads one past Nicolle Tower,

Nicolle Tower

an 1820’s folly which has since served as a maritime landmark, a German lookout and nowadays a holiday let. Close by is the Mont Ube dolmen, excavated in 1848.

Mont Ube Dolmen

And so a nice hour or so. The off-roading brought a bit of life back into my legs and reminded me why I enjoy running.