'Dublin's North Wall Quays by night' by Billy Galligan. One of the 12 finalists in the GoIreland.com Photography Awards. The competition was organised to help sell the country abroad.

Bringing back memories.  This is a great view eastwards down the Liffey and through the Docklands area towards the open sea.  The plod up and down the quays became familiar during my time there.  On the left is the Convention Centre, one of those buildings that was in progress when the Celtic Tiger died, and they decided to finish it.  The design reflects the gasometer that once stood directly across the river.  Right at the end you can see the circular form of the Dublin Eye – this is right beside the O2 Arena where I attended a memorable Fleetwood Mac gig shortly before my return to Jersey.

Across the river mouth is the East Link Bridge, the last of 20-odd bridges over the Liffey before the open sea.  Back along the south quays there is a great mix of modern and old, the great Docklands development plan having stalled when the money ran out.  Consequently it’s not been totally overrun by modern life and you can have a pleasant little run unhindered by the crowds of the city.

Photo is by Billy Galligan.